Pro-Palestinian students attack Jewish Yale student during demonstration

A Jewish student at Yale University was stabbed in the eye with a flagpole Saturday evening during an anti-Israel protest, sophomore Sahar Tartak said. The Jerusalem Post.

Tartak, a history student and editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, had attempted to film the pro-Palestinian protest camp set up on campus.

The visibly religious Jewish student and her friend immediately encountered a wall of five activists each, who did not let them through.

“One of them takes their Palestinian flag, waves it in my face and then sticks it in my face,” Tartak said.

Tartak reported the attack to campus police, but she is unaware of any action taken other than calling an ambulance for her. The student went to the hospital but was discharged and will not suffer any permanent damage. But mentally, Tartak said she was in a “terrible” state.

Sahar Tartak confronted by anti-Israel protesters at Yale, April 20, 2024. (credit: Gabriel Diamond)

Returning to campus has become a frightening prospect because, she says, “All these students know who I am.”

Support for terrorists at protest

The protesters had also repeatedly pressured Tartak and her friend, she said. The student also noted that she had seen signs of Walid Daqqah, the recently deceased terrorist who was part of a cell that kidnapped, tortured and murdered IDF soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984.

Tartak said she told officers to disband the encampment, but they responded that they needed permission. Tartak noted that the police were outnumbered, with only seven officers to control a thousand activists.

Yalies for Palestine and American Muslims for Palestine Connecticut said on social media that they had succeeded Saturday because no arrests had been made during their protests, which began Friday in response to efforts to remove a similar encampment at Columbia University.

“These students violate every policy on the books; they should have been disbanded immediately,” Tartak said. “These students have taken over the campus, and it is an intimidation tactic.”