Parents keep children at home during LGBTI information COC Amsterdam: “Discussion hardens”

COC Amsterdam is increasingly asking schools not to announce that they will provide information about sexual diversity. Reason: there is increasing resistance around the subject. This is what the LGBTI organization says in the new AT5 youth program Now Are We.

Recurring research by the Social and Cultural Planning Office shows that over the past fifteen years, Dutch people have started to think positively about LGBTI people, but COC Amsterdam has had different experiences.

“I actually have the feeling that the discussion has hardened lately. People are quite tired of the subject and there is quite a bit of resistance,” says Eef van Koersveld, information officer at the LGBTI+ organization.

For the COC, providing information in schools is becoming increasingly complicated. Van Koersveld: “We sometimes ask schools not to announce us, because students then even receive notes from parents so that they do not have to come to our information sessions. That does not improve tolerance. It also hinders the conversation. .”


In the new AT5 youth program Now Are We, Mayor Halsema reacts with shock: “It is very serious. You see that a kind of anti-atmosphere is emerging against sex education and variation and that comes from all kinds of directions.”

“We don’t try to persuade people to become lesbians or whatever, we start a conversation about what forms of life there are and how we can remain respectful towards each other,” says Van Koersveld.

The entire episode of the new AT5 program Nu Are We, made together with students from the ROC of Amsterdam, can be seen tonight at 9:00 PM.