Free safety check for all LPG connections by government oil companies

April 21, 2024 2:11 PM IST

New Delhi (India), April 21 (ANI): A nationwide campaign has been launched to conduct basic safety checks on domestic LPG gas connections free of cost by the government oil companies and their distributors.
According to a press release from the All India LPG Distribution Federation, a delivery person or technician will visit the homes of gas consumers within a specified time frame to conduct safety checks and educate consumers on safety protocols.
“This has started in the capital Delhi and all parts of the country and the aim is to reach the homes of all 30 crore domestic gas consumers in the next three to four months,” said Chandra Prakash, president, All India LPG Distribution. Federation.
He further said: “This safety check is being carried out without any financial gain, the sole purpose is to ensure that the consumer remains safe while using the LPG connection. This is also mandatory for collecting third party insurance claims in case of an accident.” .
When the delivery person or technician comes to the consumer’s home to deliver the cylinder, he checks eight safety rules and also trains the consumer. During this inspection, the delivery person will also check all gas equipment, so that there is no possibility of any form of leakage.

As part of the safety check, if the orange safety hose is found to be unserviceable, it can be replaced at a discounted price of Rs 150/- (for a 1.5 meter hose).
Highlighting the paramount importance of consumer safety, it was also emphasized that this initiative is not driven by financial gain but is solely aimed at ensuring consumer safety when using LPG connections. Furthermore, compliance with these safety checks is essential to be able to claim third party liability insurance in the event of an accident.
Accidents with domestic LPG cylinders can occur due to several causes, including failure to replace the hose periodically leading to wear and tear, theft from cylinders, transfer of LPG from domestic to non-domestic cylinders, use of unapproved/non- standard equipment, improper handling at the consumer, failure of O-rings, leakage from LPG hose, leakage from stove, bursting of LPG cylinder due to extreme heat generated during fire caused by other factors etc.
The Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) offers a comprehensive insurance policy under ‘Public Liability Policy for the Oil Industry’, which covers all LPG consumers registered with the companies.
The liability insurance policy taken out by OMCs covers losses arising from accidents where LPG is the main cause of fire. Currently, the policy provides personal accident cover of Rs 6 lakh per person in case of death. Covers medical expenses of Rs 30 lakh per event subject to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh per person. In case of property damage, it covers up to Rs 2 lakh per event at the registered location of the authorized customer. (ANI)