How does the world view RI? Mark Patinkin asks social media

Since too many people now derive their worldview from social media, I thought I’d take a look at how Rhode Island is portrayed.

So I searched the name of the state on the social platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to see what came up.

One of the first messages confirmed the old truth that the state is a unit of measurement. This was announced by the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere at Colorado State University The world’s largest iceberg is “on the move” in Antarctica’s Southern Oceanand it’s bigger than… I think you know the equation they used.

And, my goodness, it happened again a few posts later – an account called “Traces of Texas” with 134,000 followers reminded the world that their King Ranch, America’s largest at 825,000 acres, is larger than all of Rhode Islandonly 776,960 hectares.

Since I was searching on the 43rd anniversary of the longest baseball game in Pawtucketan account called “#OTD in Rhode Island History” posted the next morning’s story from The Providence Journal, saying that at 4:07 a.m., after 8 hours and 7 minutes, exactly 27 fans stayed to watch the game in 45 degree weather was suspended in the 32NL collection – will be completed later. I can only hope my newspaper pays our PawSox guy overtime.

#OTD – meaning ‘on this day’ – also said that the day before, April 17, 1917, Rhode Island became the first state on the East Coast to give women the right to vote for president. Always progressive here.

In a more recent sports post, a midfielder from Pawtucket’s new minor league soccer team made ESPN’s top 10 with what my kids would call a “sick” goal kick from outside the box into the top left corner against Charlotte. Rhode Island FC reposted a video of him telling goal scorer Clay Holstad, “The dude stays.” Indeed he does. It is football of a very high level.

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I also heard that in 1885, the first person of color was elected to the Rhode Island legislature: Mahlon Van Horne, pastor of the Union Colored Congregational Church in Newport. That comes from an ongoing exhibition called the “Gilded Age Newport in Colour” at Rosecliff – worth seeing. Van Horne was a Republican, by the way.

In a related post, JustMaps reminded the world that from 1989 to 1991, in a quirk of the state’s Democratic power grab, both of our members of Congress were, oddly enough, Republicans – Ron Machtley and Claudine Schneider. But in those same years, ultra-conservative Idaho had all Democrats, so it evened out.

A vegetarian named Tal was nice enough to do that call Providence “the Paris of New England” in another post. To which a user named Saltz replied: “Paris is the providence of Europe.”

Remember that absurd fight in Newport last September, when members of a preppie-looking wedding party attacked the police and got a lot more than they bargained for? The video is now on clickbait sites including “Freakouts and crazy content,” And “CCTV idiots,” – and it came up twice while scrolling. Probably not the best image for us, but that’s X.

For those who say people from here don’t like to travel more than 10 minutes by car, I give you this message from local Sammi Acampora: “I’ve been driving from Rhode Island to Los Angeles by myself for the past 19 days. I have a very good feeling about it.”

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I also felt a thrill of pride at a report about a notable part of our agriculture. It appears that Rhode Island, along with Florida, Oklahoma, New Jersey and South Carolina, is among the top states in turf production per square mile. But the post focused on us: “Congratulations to Rhode Island. King of Sod.” I like that better than ‘Cooler & Warmer’. And another agriculture-focused post praised our 2,000-pound pumpkins.

Then came a less boastful statistic. Rhode Island ranked fourth in foreclosures last quarter, behind New Hampshire, Illinois and Florida, according to real estate analyst ATTOM. We rose by 21%. There were other posts here about the affordable housing crisis – unfortunately accurate.

Finally, a message from Stephen Krespel offered this police blotter report of what he called ‘The mean streets of Bristol’: “Police received a report of a possibly injured chicken on Union Street at 8.26am. The owner was located and said they would seek medical attention for the chicken.”

Woven through it all were photos of blooming spring trees and lighthouses by the ocean.

Although random, as

And of course, a reminder that the state is forever destined to be a unit of measurement.

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