Police are looking for suspected serious assault on heath near Hilversum

Westerheide near Hilversum

NOS News

The police are looking for the suspect of a serious assault on the heath near Hilversum. A 59-year-old man was hit and kicked so hard on the head while walking there that he is probably in danger of going blind in one eye.

The suspect is a wanderer who camped in a tent on the Westerheide, probably the police.

The 59-year-old man was walking on the heath with his dog on Wednesday morning, March 13 at 8:15 am, NH reports. There, next to a fallen tree trunk, he came across a silver-gray dome tent with, according to the police, “a lot of junk around it”.

The tent owner usually immediately started hitting and kicking the man with his dog. Although the victim defended himself that he was seriously injured. Ultimately, he managed to deflect his attack. Bleeding profusely, he was escorted home by his dog. In the hospital it later turned out that the question is whether he can keep his eyeball.

More walkers

The police are only now bringing the matter to attention because the victim did not disperse earlier for health reasons. There is a signal from the suspect. He speaks German, several slippers and possibly works around on a cargo bike. The police point out that there are very likely witnesses to the assault. There were more walkers on the Westerheide that morning.

Once a month

Forest ranger John Didderen said he would have liked to have been informed of the incident earlier. “We hear that the police were looking for someone, but not that the situation was that serious,” said Didderen in de Gooi and Eemlander. He says he has not heard of an aggressive tent resident before. However, he often comes across tents on the heath. “About once a month we receive a request to remove a tent,” states the ranger.